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New Media on Ulitzer "The merger with Friendster will continue to transform the social networking industry, combining a highly intuitive and successful social media site and online marketing channel with an integrated payment platform and content network which includes games, goods, gifts, music and video," said Ganesh Kumar Bangah, president and chief executive officer of MOL Global Pte. Ltd, as it was announced this week that his company has entered into a definitive agreement under which it will acquire 100% of Friendster. The principal shareholder of MOL is Tan Sri Vincent Tan, the Chairman and CEO of Berjaya Corporation Berhad, a leading, diversified Malaysian conglomerate that has annual revenues in excess of US$1.8 billion. Following the acquisition, the operations of MOL and Friendster will be combined to create Asia's largest end-to-end content, distribution ... (more)

Enterprise Mobility Asia News Weekly – December 8, 2013

Welcome to Enterprise Mobility Asia News Weekly, an online newsletter that consists of the most interesting news and articles related to enterprise mobility in Asia.  Asia is predicted to be the fastest area of growth for enterprise mobility between now and 2016. Also read M2M News Weekly Also read Field Mobility News Weekly Also read Mobile Commerce News Weekly Also read Mobile Cyber Security News Weekly Also read Mobile Health News Weekly Also read Mobility News Weekly Looking for an enterprise mobility solution?  Read the Mobile Solution Directory Here! Giving Apple a big boost in the world’s largest mobile market, China Mobile has finally signed a deal with Apple to offer iPhones on its network.  The rollout is expected to begin in mid-December.  Read Original Content A new range of rugged mobile devices was recently launched by Australian mobile brand ASPERA.  The rang... (more)

How to Cross the Street in Manila Traffic

One of the great things about the Philippines is you can walk in traffic. You can't cross a major thoroughfare like Roxas Blvd. in Manila against the light; you'll get run down here as surely as you would on New York's Fifth Ave. or any street in Italy. A few other major streets are sealed off from pedestrians, and it would be suicidal to try to cross them on foot. Traffic in Manila is no joke. It can cause delays of an hour or more on a routine jaunt, and is a major impediment to the city's potential as a regional or world business center. But meander on out into any number of streets in Manila, or along the Gen. Macarthur Highway in Pampanga where I live, and you'll make it across without incident. The thing to remember is "these drivers don't really want to kill me." This is a ludicrous concept to Americans raised on confrontation and road rage. I routinely have... (more)

Typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana) and Floods Hit the Philippines

I was lucky that Typhoon Ondoy did not affect my apartment. We are out in Pampanga two hours from Manila but we did not have a flood in my little neighborhood. But so many people died in this typhoon, and now the world knows what can happen in the Philippines. We get more than 20 typhoons each year and they cause many problems. Typhoon Feria back there in June damaged many houses in Samar Province where I am from. I was visiting then and it was very scary. You know we don't have a radio there or any way to know when a typhoon is coming. We just hope for the best and we know that no one will help us. Two other typhoons in August and September gave us rain for more than one week. A lot of floods and some people died then, too. But I think that nobody outside of the Philippines knows about these things unless they are very, very bad. As I said, my family and friends ... (more)

Typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng Wreak Economic, Political Havoc in Philippines

The images were beamed to a worldwide audience: a big typhoon had hit the Philippines, several hundred people drowned, and floods covered much of the nation's capital, Manila. "Ketsama" (or "Ondoy" as it was known locally) had dumped a month's worth of rain in about 12 hours. In a country that is hit by about 20 typhoons each year, this one caused the most destruction seen in decades. In addition to tremendous loss of life and property, the storm and its aftermath have caused, and continue to cause, a very serious loss of credibility to the presidential administration of Gloria Magapacal-Arroyo. GMA, as she is known, had already been facing relentless, severe criticism for years, fueled by allegations of massive corruption, a travel budget that includes serial travel to all corners of the world for purposes that often seem opaque, and a fecklessness that makes her ... (more)

Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary (PCGAUX) Continues Efforts After Typhoons Leave

The volunteer members of the Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary continued to do their work after the headlines faded in the wake of the dual typhoons that the Philippines in September. A more recent storm approached the northern tip of the country, dithered, then moved northeast toward Japan without making landfall in the Philippines. The latest potential typhoon is brewing as I am writing this article. Current projections show that it may head for the country's mid-section, where rains occur regularly throughout the year, in contrast to the traditional six-month rainy season (May to October)  on the northern island of Luzon, the island on which the capital city of Manila is located. Commodore Harold Wolf sent along the numerous pictures attached here. He also referenced a stirring article that was written by Commodore Daniel G. Cabalde, District Director for the regi... (more)

Christmas (Pasko) Approaches in the Philippines; But First, Undas!

Christmas lights have been up in the Philippines since early October. Commercials for Pasko, as the holiday is called, have appeared on TV, and the malls are full of people getting a head start on their shopping. There's a particular form of lighted star (known as a parol) that's ubiquitous, in many variations, and for sale at innumerable roadside stands along the major roads here in Pampanga. The large Christmas trees found in most American homes are a luxury here, and not as critical to the tradition as the parols and the creches (called belens) and, as always with the Philippines, the family. Pasko is also centered around the Catholic Church, a series of Masses and feasts in the days leading to Christmas Day; the celebration continues through the Epiphany (you know, The Three Magi) in early January. Verily, the Twelve Days of Christmas (and more) are celebrated h... (more)

An American in Manila: Watching Pacquiao-Cotto from the Philippines

Manny Pacquiao, the Pambansang Kamao ("National Fist") of the Philippines, beat the living tar out of the very tough amigo Miguel Cotto on Sunday afternoon, November 15, 2009, keeping a skein of big victories intact and once again upholding the pride of an entire nation of more than 90 million people. The fight was held on a Saturday night in Las Vegas. With the 16-hour time difference, it was already Sunday in the Philippines. I watched it on the slightly-delayed broadcast over the GMA TV network, one of the two ratings gorillas here. I was going to go to Araneta Coliseum, the historic venue in Quezon City (on the eastern fringe of Manila) where "The Thrilla" between Ali and Joe Frazier was fought in 1973 during the Marcos regime. The old place is still there, a hubbub of activity many days of the year. The best seats were about $10 US. I was warned off. Too many ... (more)

New IBM Innovation Center to Fuel IT Growth in the Philippines

IBM News on Ulitzer IBM further expanded its reach into growing nations with the opening of the first IBM Innovation Center in the Philippines. The new center aims to help the local business and academic communities to build skills and develop new technologies that support demand for digital infrastructure projects in banking, energy, telecommunications, transportation, retail and government industries. The center, located at the UP-Ayala Techno Hub in Commonwealth, Quezon City in Metro Manila, will provide entrepreneurs, business partners, venture capitalists and academics across the nation with access to training workshops, consulting services, a broad technical infrastructure, and hands-on assistance to help bring new technologies to market. The new center supports IBM's efforts to invest in emerging markets around the world, helping to develop local ecosystems... (more)

Jonathan Rosenberg, Global Sourcing Pioneer

During my recent stay in the Philippines, I had the opportunity to meet many fascinating people at a government-sponsored event known as Convergence 2009. One of these was Jonathan Rosenberg, who co-founded the first Philippine call-center in 1999. Now, 10 years after, he's one of the venerable players in an industry that is delivering more than $2 billion in annual revenue and provides 160,000 jobs in a country that You can find the interview at the NOW Magazine syndication site. I'm staying away from the dread term "outsourcing," because I don't believe it accurately defines what is going on in the global economy today. To me, the idea of "global sourcing" is much more accurate. Most products today are sourced from dozens, if not hundreds, of vendors from all corners of the world. Services are also provided from innumerable pinpoints on the globe... (more)

Philippines: BPAP Chief Oscar Sanez Leads Global Sourcing Marathon

Oscar Sanez runs marathons, which seems appropriate given that he plays a key role in the Philippines long haul to establish itself as a world leader in the global sourcing industry. Currently the President and CEO of BPAP--the Business Processing Association of the Philippines ( brought his youthful energy and appearance to a recent interview with a tired old American journalist who was nearing the end of a two-month tour of Southeast Asia. We met for coffee in Makati City's Greenbelt area, a showcase neighborhood for a country that often struggles with an image of natural and political disaster. I had just heard Oscar speak at a meeting attended by Philippines President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo that was focused on the convergence of information technology--or "information and communications technology" (ICT)--as its referred in the Philippines ... (more)